###week 2

Week 2 is behind me. In its wake are pieces of knowledge related to CSS preprocessors, placed hastily in the file cabinets of my brain. Our end-of-week project included engineering a grid via a SASS mixin and recreating a site, pocket with 3 or more break points. Even though I was cramming SCSS down, I feel I’ve got a solid grasp of how it functions and using it’s features. This was not a straightforward or easy task, and the uneasiness of being outside of my comfort zone continues.

###Week 3

I am in week 3 now. I’ve begun what is my third and largest project of the UI course – a redesign of a local restaurant’s website. Our task is redesingning a local restaurant’s website. My subject is local French restaurant Chez Nous – a lovely little spot in downtown Austin. Their food is excellent, and the atmosphere is authentic European dining. Their site is not terrible, (certainly not when compared to many others) but it does not communicate the experience. Additionally, the UI sports bland navigation, poorl page layouts and flows, and unresponsive design.

There are many areas to improve upon and that’s what I’ve set out to do. It has started with design sketches showing a new interface for both small and large screens, and typeface discovery for use on the site and menu. We’ve been spending a decent amount of time on typography this week and this exercise is set to strengthen our use of typography in UI.

Choosing a typeface or font for your project is of the upmost importance. There is huge emphasis on type and how it can effect the user’s experience. Choose the correct typeface and you can communicate the weight of your content effortlessly, choose poorly and the content may be unreadable. I understand typography, but I want to master it and doing so requires experience. I’m looking forward to strengthening that experience and receiving critical feedback in the process.